I will terraform your art clown (a poem w/Jazz art)

Infinite plane of Cackling Clowns.
I will terraform your Mormon Sexy Lesbian Afterlife Planet
I will terraform your Barbeque Golden Blanket Meat Child
I will terraform your Human Missle
I will NOT terraform your interiority metamorphosed
from the feminist landscape
into inferiority.
Clown hair
soiled by the conflated meta-flood of the current,
gender conflicted,
hopelessly contingent circumstances.
Carl just shit in his VCR.
Oops. Fecal sheen.
M.O.P. for you, Art Clown.
Easter Ham.
Golden locks.
Nordic splendor.
Bearded Light Sockets!
Jewlato Apologizes!


Your planet shall be terraformed by Justin’s dark powers.

9 Responses to “I will terraform your art clown (a poem w/Jazz art)”

  1. mrchumchum Says:

    I’m feeling like lining my couch with a hair cozy.

    Friendy Nazi Experiment!!!!

  2. Thor Thorson Says:

    We need to make a certain crime fighting scientist with long hair in the back to cool his neck from all that SCIENCE.

  3. mrchumchum Says:

    I can’t figure out how to make this blog work better…feel free to fuck with the design shit…

  4. mrchumchum Says:

  5. nipsofcheese Says:

    Galactijew has amazing boots. I wish all humans wore those boots every day, even when showering.

  6. mrchumchum Says:

    Well, technically they’re socks with a fur patch but they are definitely appropriate for the shower.

  7. Thor Thorson Says:

    I love taking showers…………

  8. nipsofcheese Says:

    I love fur patches…………….

  9. mrhamham Says:

    I love shower patches…………….

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