Where is my pussycat? Please help.

I lost my pussycat. It happened earlier today. I was petting my pussycat while sitting in a cherry tree reading sardonic poems to her. She is a pretty pussy with short, brown hair – almost a landing strip quality to her. I had just finished reading her Whitman’s poem, Scented Herbage of My Breast, and she noticed two voluptuous young ladies walking beneath us. She leapt from the branch she was sitting on, and ran after them. I called out for her, “O Hymen, O Hymenee, come back!” I have looked everywhere for her. I have searched in every valley and mountain (including mons veneris) and I can’t find her. I am distraught over the loss of my pussy! If you find her, kiss and caress her for me.

This blog posting provided by special guest blogger: VA Va-jay-jay.


7 Responses to “Where is my pussycat? Please help.”

  1. mrchumchum Says:

    I believe you might find your tender, sweet pussy in the Grotto of Opalescence, the Mystic Caves of Hymenee, the Great Gleaming Tower of Purity: Isak’s hymen.

  2. kasinilppa Says:

    How do I post messages? Am I allowed?

    This morning I found a passage that Barnett Newman wrote about Mr. Chumchum.

    “…original man, shouting his consonants…in yells of awe and anger at his tragic state…”

    It’s real!

  3. mrchumchum Says:

    Oh. It’s real. Real like you’re gleaming mountain of love is real.

    Is that you Applito?

  4. mrchumchum Says:

    Sign up at wordpress and get a user id we can make it so we can post under our own UIDs. Totally fuck with the layout – change anything. I’m just adding shit as I feel like it.

  5. nipsofcheese Says:

    Isak’s hymen is so big and frightening. It looks like a grotesque version of Big Foot. Maybe it should be called Big Hymen. I once watched a grainy film of Isak’s hymen walking through the deep Canadian woods. It walked up to a small chipmunk, grabbed it by the nape and ate it. It is scary! Nothing scares me like Big Hymen – except perhaps the cirque du soliel.

  6. mrchumchum Says:

    Good point cirque du soliel is by far the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. But Isak’s hyman scares me for the same reasons Jesus scares me: it’s bloody and very angry.

  7. nipsofcheese Says:

    Jesus doesn’t scare me. I love Jesus. I love him so much, I had my hairstylist cut the image of Jesus out of my pubum bush. Sometimes I tie a popsicle stick to my unit to create a cross. I am always comforted when I look down and I can see Jesus carrying the cross.

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