Science. Now. Future of Science calculated at breakfast conference!

Carl, Scientist, uses Science for more than neck cooling and wows conferees with proof that computers are made of corned beef hash. Scientist Carl also proved that sausage is made from MEATz©.



5 Responses to “Science. Now. Future of Science calculated at breakfast conference!”

  1. Thoir Thorson Says:

    Now that we can post whatev I can’t wait to take some more scientific notes!

  2. machosteakjet Says:

    I think it’s finally time for Science. Now. Internet!

  3. David Q. Snyder Says:

    Note: This is the best drawing I’ve ever seen in my life. Future of planet? So bright I need shades.

  4. machosteakjet Says:

    DUUUUDDDEZZ!!! Please change the layout if’n you feel like it. You can add random shit if you go into the Design tab and mess with the widgets – you can add pixxxx or texxxt as long as it’s xxx. kisses

    p.s. this is my internet personality – it’s me but gayer plus smileys:


  5. mrhamham Says:

    Btw, do living fries perpetually steam?

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