Alright you technological Easter Hams.

To create a post, click the link that says “New Post” on the left in the gray bar at the very top of the site. If you don’t see a gray bar, login.

When you see the “Write Post” screen. There are two tabs “Visual” and “HTML”. The HTML tab is where you can paste the HTML for images and video. Instructions below.

If you want to embed images I find the easiest thing to do is get a Photo Bucket account. It’s just a nice way to simplify collecting images from the web and it has all kinds of editing features – you can add text, modify the images, there’s all sorts of good stuff. In photo bucket you can upload images from your computer or any website:


You just paste the URL from an image in the boxes and click Upload.

To get the URL of an image, just right click on it and click “Copy Image Location”

Once the image is uploaded. Your images are collected in an album and each image looks like this:


To put the image in your post, copy the HTML Code text below the image and paste into the HTML tab on the “Write Post” screen.

It will look like this:

If you just want to post the image unedited without using Photo Bucket. You can just click on the “img” button on the “Write Post” screen:

and paste the URL location of the image at the prompt.

You can do the same thing with video on Photo Bucket. But if you want to embed a YouTube video, you can just cut and paste the “embed” code. It’s on the right of the screen below:


All you have to do is cut and paste that “embed” code into the HTML tab on the “Write Post” screen. Many video sites provide an embed code. For video that doesn’t have an embed code provided, you can install a feature that WordPress provides called “Post to WordPress” here. This puts a button on the Firefox toolbar – you can just click on it and it will upload video from most websites and post it directly onto this blog.



3 Responses to “Alright you technological Easter Hams.”

  1. nipsofcheese Says:

    How do I add hair to my post?

  2. D Snyder Says:

    How do I add hair to my chest?

  3. nipsofcheese Says:

    Why would an attractive women, like yourself, want hair on your chest?

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