Just thought I’d share…it is a blog after all.

These are shots of me in my apartment. This is me “working”.

Photobucket Photobucket

Boo Berry, however, has been haunting me for years. He floats around my kitchen and leaves “magical” blueberry pellets in my whole-grain cereals (which for some reason are brown). He also constantly whispers in my ear how much he loathes mortals.


3 Responses to “Just thought I’d share…it is a blog after all.”

  1. nipsofcheese Says:

    Why are you gently caressing Boo Berry’s tail with your shoe? Did you just make love to him? It looks like you have been “working” Boo Berry’s ass.

  2. mrhamham Says:

    That’s actually Boo Berry telekinetically controlling my limbs. He forces me to eat children’s cereal with my feet. He also makes me touch his Boo Cherry.

  3. nipsofcheese Says:

    Boo Cherry? Are you sure Boo Berry is male? I think I might like Boo Cherry. I wonder what it taste like? Imagine if they made a cereal out of Boo Cherry. The kids would go crazy for it. I know I would.

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