jeremy and dave

It’s Jeremy and Dave


6 Responses to “LOOK! LOOK!”

  1. machosteakjet Says:

    Is that a patch of chest hair on Dave? I always love how Dave wears his chest hair on the outside of his clothing.

  2. D Snyder Says:

    That’s actually my naked body. Yes, my upper arms and thighs are made of rumple cloth. And not only do I not have genitals (no surprise to any of YOU guys, wink, wink) I don’t have differentiated toes either.

  3. nipsofcheese Says:

    That is not Jeremy. That is Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch.

  4. mrhamham Says:

    Yes. Florence Henderson, as in Jeremy.

    Answer me this, though, why does Bobby (as in Dave) have so much chest hair? And undifferentiated toes?

  5. nipsofcheese Says:

    You obviously did not see the lost Brady Bunch episode. It was riveting. Bobby was on a school trip visiting the zoo. He reached through a fence to grab the ear of an animal, when it bit him. Carol almost fainted when she learned that Bobby was bitten by a rabid dik-dik. He later developed a rash and then gradually pubic hair and small penis-like nubs began to grow on his chest. Also, his toes merged into hoof-like appendages. Marcia was initially aroused by Bobby’s new chest however she lost interest after meeting Dr Vogel, the family dentist. Bobby was ultimately cured by the magic tiki that Greg had found on their Hawaiian adventure from an earlier episode.

  6. Thor Thorson Says:

    I’m pretty much sure that Isak is the large hand.

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