I don’t have words for this one

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3 Responses to “I don’t have words for this one”

  1. Justin's Mom Says:

    Nor I. It’s truly baffling. The fact that this man is a viable candidate for president is making me reevaluate many things. Perhaps there are still Pterodactyls in the Congo? Perhaps the Queen of England has a parasitic twin?

  2. machosteakjet Says:

    I would add to your list of possibilities (both of which are certainly true), that perhaps McCain eats dehydrated babies like jerky? I don’t want to start rumors here, but I’m just sayin…

  3. Thor Thorson Says:

    1st of all, I wrote that speech and I think he did a great job. The other thing I want to say is that I was also responsible for pouring him into his suit, I was responsible for stapling his feet to the Sit N Spin™ that helped him rotate left and right to address all those white people and the one Chinese dude, and I was the one that said ‘NO!’ to choosing a more Shamrock green for his backdrop and instead went with the ever popular Kermit’s Ass Green™.

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