Put Four Dollars on your CTA Card and Take Some Vitamins!


Magnum PI appears on Lost!!!!!


3 Responses to “Put Four Dollars on your CTA Card and Take Some Vitamins!”

  1. You are also in love with Magnum P.I. (that’s Private Investigator to you, Jack.) When I was in Florida, I met that little guy from Lost. But I’d never seen the show, so I didn’t really know what to say.

    Did you receive Duncan’s commentary of your website? He’s pissed that you haven’t published it. He’ll be pissed if you do publish it too, so I wouldn’t worry.

    How did you meet all these friends with your same fucked up sense of humor? I thought you were the only one.

  2. Justin's Mom Says:

    These posts aren’t jokes! They’re clues! Koans almost.

  3. Thor Thorson Says:

    We made Jeremy’s personality after it got wiped. And then we brain washed you into thinking that he always had the ‘same fucked up sense of humor’.

    We have cameras in Jeremy’s bathroom.

    He is peeing again. Right now.

    I am,
    Thor Thorson

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