Stravinsky was a Badass.

Important Science is happening in composer biographies.



Recent photoanalysts and body language experts have concluded that Stravinsky was a badass.

Schubert, however, was a pussy and he was lucky he lived a hundred years earlier or Igor would have kicked his ass. Scientists have created this simulated battle:


2 Responses to “Stravinsky was a Badass.”

  1. Thor Thorson Says:

    I love when science pits 2 geniuses against each other in an all out rumble. Remember that old issue of Science Now! when they paired up Alfred Russel Wallace (author of English and American Bee Keeping, 1880) against everyone’s favorite “apostle to the Gentiles,”, St. Paul? I think they used a cyborg shark against a 40 foot long bullet proof snake for their simulation.

  2. Mars Troma Says:

    Rumor has it that these same scientists are examining a hypothetical fight between Moses and Pat Robertson. Watch this space for details.

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