What I drank from 7-11 this morning


3 Responses to “What I drank from 7-11 this morning”

  1. machosteakjet Says:

    BTW, that’s not from the internet. I actually took that picture. Also the coffee totally tasted like panties.

  2. Thor Thorson Says:

    mmmmmm The thing that I love most about Panty Select is that that particular brew respects the flavor of the BEAN and doesn’t get all fashionable with different roasts. It denies all the sick trappings of super mundane flavorings, it denies fancy aromas that belie the actual flavor of said cup. It’s just pure panty, chicory, and coffee bean!

    Because, in the end, it’s the BEAN that we chase after. Am I fucking right or what? Hey is this thing on??!?? Check. Check.

  3. machosteakjet Says:

    Woah. I bet that pot was empty in minutes. Was a panty used as a filter or were the beans flavored with panty?

    Btw, who’s that crazy dude named Thor Thorson? I think we’ve been invaded by a Friendy Nazi Clown ™!!!!!

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