Non-pornographic Erotic Round-up

Even the phrase “Round-up” is non-pornographic but erotic. So I put it to a vote, what is more erotic:

A) This or B) This

‘Cause, really, I’m torn.

Please vote in the comment section.


3 Responses to “Non-pornographic Erotic Round-up”

  1. Thomas Jefferson Says:

    Definitely B. But maybe A. No B. A. I’m positive A is more erotic. Definitely A.

    Seriously, B. Definitely B.
    No I think it is A.

    My vote is for B.

  2. machosteakjet Says:

    I really can’t see the problem here. B. Dude in B could wax his astonishing mustache with what I left pooled on my computer desk just now.

  3. Thor Thorson Says:

    A. I like me a squinty eyed bat toting corn fed rootin tootin spaced out cum dumpster all tricked out on some lean get-away-sticks!

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