Failed Presidential Candidates From America’s Checkered History

America’s getting all twitter-pated about it’s upcoming presidential election. What excitement! The fate of the free world hangs in the balance. Perhaps it’s time to reflect on the free worlds that could have been. Yes, it’s time once again for Failed Presidential Candidates From America’s Checkered History! This week’s FPCFACH is Benjamin Gratz Brown!

Facts about B. Gratz Brown:


— He fought a DUEL at a place called BLOODY ISLAND.

— He LOST the duel.

— But LIVED!

— Political Party? Why, he was a UNCONDITIONAL UNIONIST!

These facts add up to an incontrovertible truth: in 1872 a vampire was only 157 electoral college votes away from president!

Next week on FPCFACH: the virgin millionaire!


One Response to “Failed Presidential Candidates From America’s Checkered History”

  1. Thor Thorson Says:

    I love this post muchly. When do we get to hear about the female Ronald MacDonald prez candidate from 1971 who opened her jump suit exposing pendulous breasts to unsuspecting children at a birth day party?

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