Chupa-Cobra is real!! (and other musings)

Heed the wisdom of the uncylcopedia!! The ChupaCobra (the snake sucker) is real. From the Uncyclopedia:

El Chupacobras (Spanish for “Snake Sucker”) is a wild animal from the River Parana Basin in South America that is very known for feeding itself of the blood and the poison of the snakes. It also enjoys having sausages, specially the German variety known as the Dickwurst.”

Follow this link for more:

And for those “artistically” inclined,  there is this sage career advice.

It is a font of true wisdom and knowledge known as the uncyclopedia. It is the source of truth.


6 Responses to “Chupa-Cobra is real!! (and other musings)”

  1. please send me as much information as u can about the chupacabra ..
    i would really like to know…my name is hillary and im 12 i really wanna know about this strange but dangerous animal…if u can send it to my email on msn or myspace…my email is above…thank u so much for all your help..please do this one thing for me please????thank u so so much…

  2. Cutiepie 25 Says:

    Hey hilary, I tottaly think Chupa Cobra is real, because my BFF, I can’t tell u her name so I’ll call her Soaphands. Soaphand’s mom that We’ll call Butterfingers went on a trip to South America when Soaphands was 2! Oh and u can call me Cutiepie 25. Anyways, Butterfingers got a picture of Chupa Cobra when she was there. It was a close encounter! Fact of the matter is that I have Evidence! As soon as I post that pic on the internet, every1 that doesn’t belive in Chupa Cobra, will. They may call us nerds, geeks, creeps, freaks, but now they will see the life in Us! Just Kidding! Gotta Go, Cutiepie 25

  3. Cutiepie 26 Says:

    Hey guys, I’m Cutiepie 26, Cutiepie 25’s boyfriend! Anyways, I have to go againsent the fact that Chupa Cobra is real. Because if it was, then were is the evindence?! I mean who gives a crap if its real or not! Not me! Oh plus, if it were real it would be all over the United States! Did you guys ever think about that?!!

  4. Hey Cutie pie 25 and 26! I think that you2 need to break up! because if he doesn’t belive in Chupa Cobra he’s a retard! Every1 knows Chupa Cobras real duh! So what now!!!!

  5. Hi guys! My name is Chris! I’m 14 years old and I think everybodys right about Chupa Cobra except 4 Cutiepie 26. How could you say that Chupa Cobra would be all over the United States when it wouldn’t even survive some of the climate? I mean lets talk about Alaska. It would frezze 2 death there. And Arizona, There may be snakes there, but it is too freaken hot! Anyways, hilary, I found out some information about Chupa Cobra. I found out that some Chupa Cobras go to farms because some Chupa Cobras like to drink goat blood. And if thats true, they would most likely stay out in the country, around farms and barns. And I also found out that some Chupa Cobras can jump very high and far. But i’m not so sure if that is true, because i went 2 youtube and looked up a video of Chupa Cobra and it showed a guy video taping a Chupa Cobra at a farm, but it started jumping. Well thats all the info I have. Gotta Go, Chris

  6. Syd Da Kid Says:

    Hey guys! My name is Syd Da Kid. I’m 10 year old girl and I found out some Info about Chupa Cobra. Oh and Chris, I saw the same video! Anyways, I used to live out in the country, and when me and my mom went out to feed the goats, 8 of the 12 goats we had were dead. Blood was splatter all over the haystacks. And thats when me and my mom saw a litte creature move. It looked like some ailien. I was so scared. My mom grabbed the pitchfork. Then the little thing jumped out and started running. The descrition of the thing is hard but I’ll try my best. It had long spike looking things on its back. It had large black eyes and a medium sized head. The rest is history! I don’t know if that was a Chupa Cobra. If that helps thats all the info I have. Peace, Syd Da Kid

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