Annals of Chess. (“First Time Doc” #1)


Chess was invented deep in the heart of Sumeria in the mighty age of Uruk by Akkad Ek-berk-Ur pictured here with Juruppak Nipper-Koopshah enjoying their discovery under The Royal Farge:


The mighty New Kingom of Ramssess brought the chess master Abu Gwenketshupt, depicted here pondering pawn strategy and the evils unleashed by the game (then known as Baku Ra Abukat-shept-hup-sat, loosely translated to mean “The Sun God Ra cursed the serpent, gnawed his teeth and ate his abominable children.”):

At the height of King Fredrick’s Swabian Empire, chess enjoyed a great renaissance. Herren Gottstein Von Sniderburg-Hoch and Duchess Juttermurg Guttenprice celebrated the lascivious pleasings of the Bishop:

In the first Galactic Age of The New Republic, Perseus Quadrant, Carl 28940-A and I.S.A.K., early 33rd century sentient barbeque grills, invented C.H.E.S. – Carbonate Hydration of Encapsulated Science:

The galaxy loves chess…as Chewbobca, JEW-3PO and his sidekick RJEW-DJEW demonstrate:


4 Responses to “Annals of Chess. (“First Time Doc” #1)”

  1. Benjamin Franklin Says:

    Very helpful and informative. In fact it made me go insane. Excuse me while I go exorcise the wookies out of my ankh tattoo…

  2. Billy Carter Says:

    Wow! Now that’s the kind of Science Now (™) I can get behind!

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    a delightful tour de force into a most amusing cross section of chess history

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