First Time Document (#1), REAL ISSUES Edition (#1)

Roman graffitti in Ostia, Rome focused on REAL ISSUES.

There are two graffiti in this image:

Hic ad Callin[i]cum
futui orem anum (palma)
amicom [—] re nolite r
in aedi ( or: [c]inaede) [—]

“Here I had oral and anal intercourse with my friend in the inn of Callinicus (or: with my sea-going friend Callinicus?). Do not …”.

Callinicus was probably the owner of the building.

Livius me cunus
lincet Tertulle cunnu ov[—]
Efesius Terpsilla amat.

“Livius licks my c**t (or: Livius, that faggot, licks me?). Tertullus … c**t (or: faggot?) … Efesius loves Terpsilla”.

Social issues were at the top of their minds:

Agathopus et Prima et Epaphroditus tres convenientes.

“Agathopus and Prima and Epaphroditus had a threesome”.

Just in case you had any doubt Romans had REAL ISSUES etched on the very walls of the great city of Ostia:

or, better yet:


not even to mention:


3 Responses to “First Time Document (#1), REAL ISSUES Edition (#1)”

  1. Orange-rumped Agouti Says:

    It is a true joy to see such scholarly work. I learned a lot.

    Lucius Vennius Sabinus, cum
    Effacial filio, fontem et
    conceptum aquae, suis
    terminis usque ad kaput,
    formae pubicae
    Tifernatibus McButtmunch
    dono dedit do donkey do do

  2. machosteakjet Says:

    Translation of your english into latin:

    Shining Vennius Sabinus , when Effacial godson fontem and measures water suis termination all the way to kaput , form pubicae Tifernatibus McButtmunch to give to give to give donkey to give to give

  3. Billy Carter Says:

    Thank you for this post, Machosteakjet.

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