Indecent Iceberg blamed on Global Warming!!!

God hates perverted icebergs, and immediately insisted that famous “wrappers of things” Christo and Jean Claude be sent to immediately wrap the giant Ice Penis and hide it.


4 Responses to “Indecent Iceberg blamed on Global Warming!!!”

  1. 3rdpresident Says:

    The 3rd president on the other hand, thinks this is hilarious and wishes God would lighten the fuck up and have a beer.

  2. machosteakjet Says:

    This is really funny!

    Science Now! Factoid: Thor likes to sleep with his genitals above water.

  3. Thomas Jefferson Says:

    Thor’s genitals huh? It all makes sense now. (I think I have a new title/topic for a painting too!)

  4. Thomas Jefferson Says:

    Sarah Palin just announced that she can see this from land in Alaska, and is moving to have all books on icebergs banned from Alaskan Libraries.

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