Presidential BBQ tips

Once again, it’s time for Presidential BBQ tips. In Honor of the Louisiana Purchase and the admission of Ohio into the Union in 1803 this post will be about chili.

If you want a spicy chili, avoid prepackaged chili powders as they lack the flavor only fresh peppers can offer. Craft a more flavorful mixture by combining fresh peppers. Choose any combination from the list below, cut each in half, remove the seeds, and bake at 300 degrees for 5-10 minutes until crisp. The pulverize in a food processor or by hand.

ancho pepper
kick: low
Body: high
Burn: Low

Cayenne Pepper
Kick: High
Body: Low
Burn: High

Chipotle pepper
Kick: Medium-High
Body: Medium
Burn: Medium-High

Guajillo Pepper
Kick: Medium-High
Body: Medium-High
Burn: Medium-Low

New Mexico Red Pepper
Kick: Medium
Body: Medium-High
Burn: Medium

When pairing Chili with a Beer, try these suggestions from Joe Tucker president of
Victory Prima Pils From the home of my good friend Ben Franklin, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
If you like light beer, “The effervescence enhances the chili’s spiciness,”
Three Flyods Alpha King From the Indiana Territory If you like balanced beer, it’s hints of citrus cleanse your palate.
Stone Double Bastard Ale from the Spanish territory of San Diego, California If you like strong beer, the caramel flavor dances well with chili ingredients.

Whatever you do, avoid ingredients, beverages, and Presidential Candidates from Arizona. The soil is substandard for agriculture, The beer is tainted by Robotic Vampiric Magicks, and the leadership might be cannibal zombies. Would you want them handling things you were going to eat? I wouldn’t and I lived 200 years ago when Washington D.C. was a malaria filled swamp.


2 Responses to “Presidential BBQ tips”

  1. machosteakjet Says:

    Kick: Flying Jump
    Body: Slam
    Burn: Indian

  2. 3rdpresident Says:

    Kung Fu (the video game)
    Kick: Roundhouse
    Body: Red
    Burn: Thumb

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