Trailer for Dove Spyder’s Portrait

Coming to Theaters [Machosteakjet] May 17th, 2020!


2 Responses to “Trailer for Dove Spyder’s Portrait”

  1. machosteakjet Says:

    I’m so excited for the feature film. This trailer has whetted my appetite so much that I’m masturbating to my Dove Spyder photo album.

    One thing I’m wondering about, though, is that Dove is Jewish and doesn’t the Qur’an say that Jews will be one palm (3 inches) tall in the afterlife?

  2. Thor Thorson Says:

    The Qur’an has mistaken largeness for closeness. Islamic followers are in fact, close, VERY close. You would think that small Jews would be farther away, but it’s not the case. They are in fact small.

    X-tians on the other hand are translucent, which is neither large, small, close nor near. Some say they’re not fully on this plane. Sooooooooooome say they have one foot on the plane of Infinite Cackling Clowns…….. Biclops knows for sure, ask him!

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