MachoSteakJet Science Now! Philanthropy Case #78.3JG


‘Yes’, my Tranhumanist friend told me, ‘It does look like a pie plate connected to metal squids. But it is so much more. You see, Magnetoencephalography will measure your brain waves to tell us how you drove your mother mad with visions.’

As the tests wore on, they took the days with them. And my power grew. And so did my disgust. Although my friend allowed me to brush his horse, ‘Clever’, I could see his mind, and knew his insatiable appetite for enormous women would tear us apart.

He always fucked my new giant girlfriends. And that is exactly why I made his god damn head explode.

But now that I call Dubai my new home, I am free to pursue the life I have always wished for.

Thanks to you MachoSteakJet for sponsoring me!


3 Responses to “MachoSteakJet Science Now! Philanthropy Case #78.3JG”

  1. Bangla-chest Says:

    Please come save me from India Machosteakjet!

  2. machosteakjet Says:

    I am so proud of Macho Steak Jet for sponsoring this fellow this holiday season. Happy Yule Tide, you god damnèd pagans!

  3. Benjamin Franklin Says:

    My heart is hemorrhaging diamonds!

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