Happy Holidays from my family…


in 1987!


6 Responses to “Happy Holidays from my family…”

  1. machosteakjet Says:

    Wait this my family too!! AAAAIIIGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. orange rumped agouti Says:

    Holy fuck, that’s for realsz?!

  3. Billy Carter Says:

    it is. Look how cute I am.

  4. machosteakjet Says:

    You Lie! You make Lies! Can’t be True! IS TRUE!!!! AAAAIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  5. orange rumped agouti Says:

    God, Billy, that is amazing and you are incredibly cute. I can’t believe you could grow such an impressive mustache in the 80s.

  6. Sluck Chong Says:


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