MachoSteakJet Science Now! Philanthropy Case #9LO04Q


My half brother always laughed at me using the voice of the village’s enslaved cormorants. Always mocking, always superior. Yes I have a mouth where he does not but what does that compare to his awesome power? My father rained on my mother and then I was born. But it was Kauhuhu’s steel drums that made her dance until Water fell from between her legs.

Growing up, I discovered my love and my gift. Water, was always the better and soon became the greatest of our era. His powers were legendary. Women loved him. The Vikings called him Vann. The Romans called him Aqua. The Chinese called him 偉大和光榮的變化形狀的濕.

I needed distance, to strike out on my own but it seemed wherever I travelled, Kauhuhu’s sensuous rhythms followed me; called me back. What was there to do?

But now that Macho Steak Jet™ has imprisoned my cock nibbling brother in the “Orkid the Orca” tank at Sea World, he spends his days being defecated in by those poor captured animals. And to top it all off, I’ve learned a lot about myself! It’s OK to be who you are!

Thanks to you Macho Steak Jet™ for sponsoring me!


One Response to “MachoSteakJet Science Now! Philanthropy Case #9LO04Q”

  1. machosteakjet Says:

    Yet another wonderful child saved from the bring of sanity!

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