Another Satisfied Customer!

Shawnee Wilkins

Try to forget just for a moment how many deaths needlessly occurred that day, and try to picture instead all of those beautiful children sitting on Jesus’ lap, glowing and looking down on us and blowing us angel kisses from on high. Just think of tiny, frail Jimmy Yitter who was so good with the animals but had to use those horrible, horrible crutches. Now he is the ringmaster, entertaining all of the other angels with his heavenly three ring circus! Or Sue, the Taiwanese girl adopted by the Pattersons who had all those learning disabilities. Guess what she’s up to? Why she’s probably solving the hardest equations and math problems that the angel Gabriel can throw her way. And what about Tony Higgerton? Now that was a young boy that had talent! I can just see him running and flipping all over the place up there. Why I’ll bet he’s probably applying one of those half-nelsons to good ol’ Ebekenezer himself. And don’t forget about Shawnee Wilkins. Even though she was developing an unhealthy interest in boys way too early if you ask me, I’m sure she is in Heaven right now asking to be forgiven for all of her transgressions. And the good Lord is smiling down on her tiny face and judging her with all of his infinite wisdom. Because you see, the Lord always does the right thing. I think it helps to remember: these sweet children were not really ours at all. You see, the way I look at it we’re just baby sitting for God.


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