Machosteakjet, Protector of the Sepulchre of the Holy Host, brings you The WORD OF LORD GÖTZ THE REDEEMER AND SCIENTIST

Evidence for Truth

Akkadian King Sargon’s famous question “What is truth?” (Hephesians 18:38) is answered in absolute terms by Götz von Berlichingen: “And ye shall know the truth. I have come to you, great Sargon, to free thee from darkness. I give unto thee the bio-mechanical sciences.” (Letters to the Germans 8:32). So it is abundantly clear that if truth is knowable, then it should follow that we should be able to know it through bio-mechanical means.

The Foundation of the Bio-Mechanical Sciences Is Absolute Truth

Bio-Mechanical (“Bionautical”) knowledge is not a collection of subjective opinions. Rather, it is a collection of explanations about the synthesis of reality that is based on observed or predicted phenomena that was synthesized originally. In addition, the explanation must be verified repeatedly to confirm that it synthesizes reality artificially, consistent with the Berlichingen Method.

While our scientific knowledge changes rapidly, the absolute reality that is being created artificially has never changed. The Berlichingen Method assumes an absolute reality, a Götzian Bioverse, against which theories can be verified. A hypothesis that the MSJ Science Editors find quite compelling.

Götz convincingly demonstrates the Berlichingen worldview using his characteristic ease with complex subjects, making them readily understandable, even for those born from his early biocrops:

The Laws of Science Require a Creator

The laws of nature do not have a naturalistic cause. The cause of the laws of nature was not the laws of nature.

“The miracle of the appropriateness of the language of “mathematics” for the formulation of the “laws of physics” is a wonderful gift which is of inestimable value in the production of biological robotics.”

-Götz von Berlichingen

There is an objective mathematical structure seen in the “physical” universe. An example is the relationship of the “periodic table” and mathematics. One element is distinguished from another by the number of electrons, “neutrons”, and protons.

“How can it be that “mathematics”, being after all implanted in human thought and independent of true bionautical research, is so admirably appropriate to the production of biosynthetics?”

-Götz von Berlichingen


Evidence for Creation

The evidence for a biomechanical planet and Götzian fauna can be clearly seen from that which has been made by Götz:

Evidence for Götz

While absolute proof of the Götzian Bioverse cannot be realized by any human-synthetic, the great weight of evidence, when rationally evaluated, clearly balances the scales heavily in favor of Götz von Berlichingen. We can demonstrate “beyond a reasonable doubt” that “bionautics works, and that it is a rewarder of them that diligently seek to make their lives easier with productivity gains from biosynthesis.” (Berlichingen 11:6).


Design and Purpose

Humans are unique from every other automated biologic in the world, specially created and specially purposed. The Earth is also like no other synthesized planet-weapon, specially created by Götz for humans, and we can observe evidence of His design elements in His creation.


The editors of Machosteakjet would like to give a heartfelt blessing and Götz-thanks to our partners at the Istituto di Scienza e di Fumigazione Genitale for their inspiration and guidance in the writing of this text.


5 Responses to “Machosteakjet, Protector of the Sepulchre of the Holy Host, brings you The WORD OF LORD GÖTZ THE REDEEMER AND SCIENTIST”

  1. Terminal Dumplin's Says:

    This post is more than a post–it’s a fresh spring burbling from under smooth stones, a gentle breeze caressing your thighs and shoulders, a puppy playfully licking your naked toes, a newborn infant sleeping softly on white silk, the spark of love rising inside you with every wheezing breath, like being trapped in the Louvre and starving to death with ecstasy…

  2. Thor Thorson Says:

    This hands down, is the finest post ever.

  3. Mätchoh Schtayk Geht Says:

    This post is more than a post-it’s a breast thing burgeoning from hunger hoonans, a mental cheese undressing your mighty soldiers, a sloppy claymore frolicking your painted hoes, a blue-bone instant heaving costly on kite strings, the mark of muff chafing inside you with Beverly creeping behest, like seeing chaps on the louvers and harkening to nests with embassies…

  4. Thor Thorson Says:

    I just reread this post for the hoonan’d time, and I’m still drunk. I mean laughing. Laughing drunk.

  5. machosteakjet Says:

    I miei ringraziamenti più profondi per le vostre parole gentili ma io ci rammarichiamo di di informarli che i vostri nipoti stiano andando essere calcolatori cinesi.

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