4 Responses to “Fate”

  1. Infinite Soup (Dragon Guarded) Says:

    Why is this so beautiful? Why do you hurt me with your beauty? Why do you loathe me so, to appear, here, as a comic strip of great wonder and hillarity? Do you mock me? Am I not good enough? No, no I am not. Your brilliant genius mind appeareth as shapeshifting Cathy of the many meats. Lo, I am overcome.

  2. Cannibalistic Mother Says:

    I tremble before the power of the meat mountain of the Delphic Sybil. I will never sleep nor consume sausage without first honoring her, lest I suffer from the never ending meat sweats.

  3. Thor Thorson Says:

    I love meat and symbols.

  4. Incontinent Aphorism Says:

    I am still grappling with the implications here.

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