MSJ The Investment of a Lifetime!



4 Responses to “BUY NOW!”

  1. Thor Thorson Says:

    Well it’s crazy o’clock so I thought I’d get some crazy by buying an MSJ flavored crazy ticket to crazy town! Thank you for helping me with spread sheet ideas! I love fire!

  2. machosteakjet Says:

    no probz. long live the MIGHTY HEIROPHANT.

  3. Infinite Soup (Sorghum Flavor) Says:

    In a post 9-11 world, Macho Steak Jet LLC is a judicious investment. Expect high return on INSANE-O-WACK-JOB-CRAZY-HOO-HOO.

  4. Incontinent Aphorism Says:

    I’m looking to integrate my portfolio. Looks like I found the right investment. Thanks Machosteakjet!!
    (meanwhile, a gigantic tarantula pederast dressed like a clown feels bad)

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