High Tech Proof Shows Frank Asch Leads To Asian Supremacism

Recent evidence uncovered by Macho Steak Jet Highest Tech Satchmo Labs™ strongly suggests that the poetry of children’s book author Frank Asch leads to an Asian Supremacist agenda. The graphic below shows an incontrovertible link from Asch’s poem Play to a sophisticated east Asian Supremacist sleeper cell:

A Macho Steak Jet HTSL™ administrator who commented on condition of anonymity said: “i’d shoot a puppy over the boarder into Xanadu to send a message to the hot goblins that I won’t sit around and let them live behind my mirror to watch me undress and shampoo my pink pony tail. always bet on black.” Unchecked, he warned, this type of undermining could lead to a dangerous future.


2 Responses to “High Tech Proof Shows Frank Asch Leads To Asian Supremacism”

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