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한국어 당신의 어머니는 나의 개를 먹고 있다

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Oh By Jingo!

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In the land of San Domingo
Lived a girl called Oh By Jingo
(Ta da, ya da da da da da, um-pa, umpa um-pa um-pa)
From the fields and from the marshes
Came the young and oh by goshes
(Ta da, ya da da da da da, um-pa, umpa um-pa um-pa)
They all spoke with a different lingo
But they all loved Oh By Jingo
and every night, they sang in the pale moonlight

Oh by gee by gosh by gum by jove
Oh By Jingo won’t you hear our love
We will build for you a hut
You will be our favourite nut
We will have a lot of little Oh By Gollies
And we’ll put them in the follies
By Jingo said “By gosh by gee
By Jiminy, please don’t bother me”
So they all went away singing
Oh by gee by gosh by gum by jove By Jingo
By gee, you’re the only girl for me.

En kørende UNDERSTREGER vasara! Verden er Svět馬SMOLDERINGCHILD!!!!!! โลกของฉันเป็นเหลือเชื่อแ$$$!!!!ลและลึกลับdobrý vzhled HANDSOMEFISH ะที่น่าตื่นเต้น!!!!Minimeringsannonceen世界是瘋狂SLINKERheder PAA EGET sohva! Verden er PUPATING til en anden smukkere WORLD!Verden er fuld af rigdomme! Verden er fuld af sol rigdomme! Verden er fuld af ABSOLUT?!? LUT!!!! BEGREBER! Verden er fuld “af” frygtelige???? ubeskrivelige ting!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!Verden er世界是漂亮PUPATING到另一個世界!LUT?!?! LUT?!?!世界是漂亮PUPATING到另一個世界!?!? LUT…

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