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Meeting Notes Summer 2009

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A True Story:How MachoSteakJett Saved My Life And How It Could Save Yours Too

Posted in Absolute Concept, ANDY GRIFFITH DIMENSION, , ☼♫♫♫♫♫☼, सुंदर पुनर्जन्म., BIONAUTICS NOW!, Birth Footage (PARTIAL), C.S.O.H.M.S., Celery skin graft, Cloaca, CRISPERS!™, Damp With Sleet, Derailed Mountaineering Career, Fire Calliope, Gnostic Shopping Spree, GOD, Hera, Humane Blowhole, Infinity + 1, Kwan Yin, Lawn and Garden, MSJ Fundraiser and Tutoring Romp, MSJ Interdimensional Diversification Services, NATIVE AMERICAN RIVER CAT SHOW, Nostradamus Kidnapping Spree, Organic Centaur, Post History Situation Comedy, Ropey & No No, Runt Vacuity, Science Now!, Sherlock Tube, Shower Genius, Swash Chuckling Wedding, Universal Consciousness pt 2, Wormhole Atlas, 帝國主義 on June 5, 2009 by machosteakjet

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