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Hey everyone!!! A friend of mine from home is moving to Chicago. She’s recently out of a relationship and looking to meet new people for friends or maybe something more? Here’s what she says:

Gender: Woman
Current Status: Single
Looking for: Casual dating, Romance, Long-term relationship
Body Type: HWP, 4-hands
Eyes: Brown (3)
Ears: Enormous
Skin: Seamlessly phasing into jute-cloth
Breasts: Semi-Floating and Possibly Magical
Height: 3′ 04″
Hair Type: Frosting?
Age: 11 (marrying age in my culture)
Seeks: Man for Dating, Man for Friendship, Man for Barbarism

I love to learn and tend to try out new activities all the time. Sometimes I think I may have hobby ADD (HA! LOL!), but I can’t imagine getting bored with life when there are so many interesting things to try. I took up rendering captured explorers for cooking fat a few years ago. Tons of fun, although I’m still working on my recipe for chitterlings! 😉

I’m proud of the balance I have between my personal and professional life and am a sucker for a decent novel or a ceremonial witchdance. I would never turn down game night with friends (like Slaughter The Christian! Or Scattergories!). I’ve been told I have an infectious laugh and an infectious vagina. I can scalp a man with a credit card but I’ll still need you to kill big bugs for me.

I’m interested in the world around me for it is filled with dark portents and omens. Like eclipses and comets. I would prefer to be with someone who shares my desire to live a meaningful life, in service of the 36 Gods. Not every conversation has to be a serious one — a man with a sharp wit and a quick sense of humor is definitely sexy. A man with love-handles and womanly thighs is delicious. If we break up I’ll eat you.



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The annals: receiving a very heavy drilling (MSJ HISTORY DOC SERIES PART.xii)

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During the long, hot summer of 1879, there gathered at “El Agujero Dos” a collection of hobos, transients, vagrants, wastrels, tramps, gadabouts, bindle stiffs, beggars, mumpers, supplicants, bagmen, bums, cadgers, touters, straphangers, swagmen, beachcombers, boolies, stragglers, scatterlings, and a 1/2 Jew, who would become “Jet Machista Del Filete.” There are too many to cover here, but a couple shining stars

From left to right: J3r3mY (in the hat, gambling), C4®L (in the hat, sipping), ADD’AM (in the hat, exhaling mightily), Just-in (in the hat, thinking of a perfect future, one with Mario Cart and female condoms), Hoonan (in the hat and scarf, fantasizing about Just-in).

Drilling the annals! (MSJ HISTORY DOC.partxi)

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Macho Steak Jet, or “Jet Machista Del Filete”, was established in 1879 as de facto state in the back of a bar and pool hall called “El Agujero Dos”. Although never officially recognized as an independent and self-governing entity, they none the less looked breathtaking in their mustaches.

Watch this space for more fascinating stories from JET MACHISTA DEL FILETE!!!!

MSJ Philantrophy Testamonial Doc #670946569.002 SubDoc 104B. SubTitle: “Albino Miracle”

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Our life was simple, at first. Sewer living may be difficult for some to understand. Sure our diet is limited and our eventual loss of sight has made things somewhat complicated but nothing can compare to the feeling of warm water on the belly. We have evolved to be perfectly suited to our home. Our hair has expanded and became more sponge-like, more absorbent – an invaluable adaptation. Our children have learned the musiks of the underworld to keep the ever-present flesh drinking spirits at bay. Our porcelain skin has become translucent and acquired a soothing phosphorescence. We have even, through our wit and industriousness, turned human waste into these elegant vêtements.

Yet these things don’t matter to the surface dwellers of Madagascar. The discovery of our quiet hamlet on the border of the great underworld city Excraton changed our life forever. Our people were farmed for their invaluable hair and left shorn and unable to contend with the daily “tunnel tides”. These surface dwellers clean their dishes with the magical source of our power and the means for our very survival! Our children were forced into labor, cleaning their waste and becoming obese at their cruel Sanitation Camps. Our beautiful, gleaming underworld towers torn down to make way for endless miles of manufacturing plants. All this destruction just for our magical cloth fecral. Oh the pain makes me shiver to my core as I look into my children’s beautiful, pupil-less eyes.

But no more. Due to the hard work and good people of Macho Steak Jet, our freedom has been purchased. Sure our people still suffer in enslavement, but our family has found peace in a quiet Vermont septic system. Thank you MSJ for all your hard work for emancipation! You have restored our dignity.

सुंदर पुनर्जन्म.

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SPECIAL IISSAACC BIRTHDAY POST: concerto for noseflute and celestial chimes

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I composed this over break. It takes 17.5 hours to play and drives all listeners mad with furious and compelling visions.
Happy Birthday!