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I’m still hearing all this talk about how bad the economy is and I still just don’t get it. My server at Red Lobster last night actually started crying while she was taking my order! I couldn’t believe it. I felt kind of bad but still ordered the Scampi Island Deluxe since it was Thursday night and that’s my night to splurge. FYI, that dish costs $12.99, um…hello? Paging Mr. Recession, Mr. Recession, are you there? Hmmm, no answer, that’s interesting. After my meal I went to Hastings and bought some used DVDs of popular movies from a few years ago. I don’t really know how to fish but I visited a bait and tackle store yesterday and bought some catfish bait and rubbed the whole container in my hair. There was a little left so I rubbed it on the back of my neck too. Then I went home and bought a used fax machine that I found in the classifieds section. I cried a little bit because I started thinking of my mom who died from cancer before I was born. I wish I had gotten to know her better. I said some prayers and felt better. Afterwards I went to the museum. One of my favorite things to do is go to the museum of natural history and read the little descriptions next to the dioramas really loud and say, “Yeah, right!” and roll my eyes. I think the kids find this very funny especially when I lean over towards them and shake my breast pocket on my shirt and the gold dubloons that I like to carry around make this jingling sound. I may have to stop doing this though because one of the museum security guards came into my room last night dressed like a mummy and took some of my used DVDs. I couldn’t tell which guard it was because of the dirty bandages so I’m not sure how to get my DVDs back. If I can’t figure out who it was that will be all right since I’m not really that worried about money.