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Thursday, January 8th, 2009

(Chicago, USA)

For years scientists have known about “coprolites” or fossilized dinosaur droppings but for the first time, evidence of severe dinosaur dyspepsia has been found on a shelf at the Bennigan’s on Michigan Avenue.

Scientists have found the first example of dinosaur diarrhea at a downtown Chicago restaurant.

Scientists have found the first example of dinosaur diarrhea at a downtown Chicago restaurant.

“この恐竜を食べた白い城では、” said paleontologist Sluck Chong “明確な証拠だと思います。” Dr. Chong, along with gastroenterologist Catapult Destroyer, is credited with the discovery.

It seems the “diarrhealite” has been serving for many years as decor in the downtown Chicago restaurant because of its nuanced and alluring colors and textures. Because the sample had been removed from its original locality, it is unclear what kind of dinosaur it is from. Still, experts are calling this a significant find and know for certain the dinosaur had eaten corn in the 24 hours before depositing.

“This is the first indication we have that being a dinosaur wasn’t 100% completely awesome all the time, you know, totally gobbling cavewomen with your enormous jaws and no arms.” corroborated Dr. Destroyer.


First Time Document (#1), REAL ISSUES Edition (#1)

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Roman graffitti in Ostia, Rome focused on REAL ISSUES.

There are two graffiti in this image:

Hic ad Callin[i]cum
futui orem anum (palma)
amicom [—] re nolite r
in aedi ( or: [c]inaede) [—]

“Here I had oral and anal intercourse with my friend in the inn of Callinicus (or: with my sea-going friend Callinicus?). Do not …”.

Callinicus was probably the owner of the building.

Livius me cunus
lincet Tertulle cunnu ov[—]
Efesius Terpsilla amat.

“Livius licks my c**t (or: Livius, that faggot, licks me?). Tertullus … c**t (or: faggot?) … Efesius loves Terpsilla”.

Social issues were at the top of their minds:

Agathopus et Prima et Epaphroditus tres convenientes.

“Agathopus and Prima and Epaphroditus had a threesome”.

Just in case you had any doubt Romans had REAL ISSUES etched on the very walls of the great city of Ostia:

or, better yet:


not even to mention: