BREAKING! SCIENCE! Mouthless robot tricks Yo Yo Ma. Eats him with chest digestive unit.

Audience member quoted as saying “It doesn’t have eyes”.

A delighted and grateful audience witnessed a true advance in auto-digestive science. The process appeared to be largely painless for Mr. Ma and, in general, the evening was a great success. Though there were some complaints from the theater staff that the robot filled the dressing room with cubic bales of feces.


The humiliated robot is pictured above after the main digestive event when he proceeded to conduct the symphony with disgust and black hate (after digesting the renowned conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen).

The Robot is powered by cold fusion and anger.

Some commentators have expressed concern for the future of humanity after an IP trace confirmed the robot voted “Yes” to a poll at in the response to the question “Should Robots end the Human Race?”. Further reporting confirms that the other poll option was “Yes, definitely”.


5 Responses to “BREAKING! SCIENCE! Mouthless robot tricks Yo Yo Ma. Eats him with chest digestive unit.”

  1. Thor Thorson Says:

    I can only be consumed by a man with eyes.

  2. Uncle Frank Says:

    I didn’t realize this blog contained erotic material.

  3. mrhamham Says:

    I know! There’s something mysteriously HOT! about this terrible event. The Robot also ate his cello and the first violinist.

  4. nipsofcheese Says:

    I heard he makes love with his prey before he eats it. Is that true?

  5. mrhamham Says:

    Yes, that is true, but “love” for Robot involves his 3000 mega-volt taser baton.

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