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The annals: receiving a very heavy drilling (MSJ HISTORY DOC SERIES PART.xii)

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During the long, hot summer of 1879, there gathered at “El Agujero Dos” a collection of hobos, transients, vagrants, wastrels, tramps, gadabouts, bindle stiffs, beggars, mumpers, supplicants, bagmen, bums, cadgers, touters, straphangers, swagmen, beachcombers, boolies, stragglers, scatterlings, and a 1/2 Jew, who would become “Jet Machista Del Filete.” There are too many to cover here, but a couple shining stars

From left to right: J3r3mY (in the hat, gambling), C4®L (in the hat, sipping), ADD’AM (in the hat, exhaling mightily), Just-in (in the hat, thinking of a perfect future, one with Mario Cart and female condoms), Hoonan (in the hat and scarf, fantasizing about Just-in).


Worst Best Painting In The World

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Courtesy of Bob